Beth is my go to guide for closure, healing, peace and comfort.

After my sessions with her I always end with hearing what I needed to hear. She is truly a gifted and compassionate woman and I am beyond blessed for all she has done for me. ~ Cassie L., MA

My husband Peter and I had a reading with Beth and it was an amazing experience!
She began the session by encouraging us take a few deep breathes to connect to and open our hearts. We immediately felt at ease and as she said her opening invocation, and set the loving intention for the reading, we could already feel the love in the room. Beth not only connected with one of our loved ones, she had several others lining up to share their messages with us! She was spot on with describing and even taking on the traits and personalities of all who came through. We felt like we were having a conversation with our loved one. Beth communicates the messages with kindness, compassion and humor. At the close of the session, Beth stated that she was honored to bring through our loved ones and we too felt honored to have her connect us to those who came through.
We will be booking another session again for sure! ~ Wendy C.
Thanks for the download file, Elizabeth. The honor is ours as well to speak with you with your awesome psychic, mediumistic gifts and spiritual understanding. It feels very healing having a session with you. On behalf of myself and my adorable Sandy,
we thank you so much for being you,
Jim (and Sandy by proxy), MN
I want to thank Beth for an unforgettable experience connecting with my son.
I was impressed with how she not only conveyed his message, but seemed to take on his personality and excited energy level. She mentioned the cardinal bird as well as other birds that visited our backyard the morning of the reading. In fact, it was so strange to see a cardinal where we live, that I took out my camera, and videotaped these birds, even saying to my wife that I thought it could be a sign of some sort. An hour later, during the reading, Beth said our boy was mentioning these birds, and mentioned, ?Tell mommy I?m the birds, I?m the birds!?. I knew that that was no coincidence, and that Beth was the real deal. I do not understand everything about how this world works, but I do know that there are people like Beth, that have the ability to connect with loved ones. It?s the most beautiful experience. We are so fortunate to have found you. Thank you again Beth! ~John O  Damascus, MD
I was so amazed by Elizabeth's gift!
She was able to connect me to my family members that have passed in the most incredible detail. I felt like I was back with them reminiscing about the times we had spent together. You will not be disappointed. Elizabeth makes you feel comfortable and takes her time when delivering these special messages from our loved ones that we miss so much. I have seen several mediums in the past but feel that Elizabeth is truly among the best best. ~Kristine S.
Below email from Kim J. is an example of how a "no" in a session turned into a "yes" after further research- This helps illustrate the importance of taping a session and RE-LISTENING!
Hi Beth I wanted to thank you for a very insightful session.
You mentioned early on in our session, that you heard a plane and wondered if my grandfather was a pilot or liked to fly. I said he did not. I did find out that when he was in his late teens, early 20's, he took flying lessons and received his pilots license. Most of the family did not know this. Your message from my grandfather was strong and spot on! Thank you for your time!
It was a wonderful experience. ~Kim J.
I have met with a few different mediums, but Beth is the best yet.
She made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable before we even started my reading. There isn't a doubt in my mind that we were meant to meet at some point for her to give me the messages that she did. It brought so much comfort and happiness to such a dark place in my heart. I will never be able to explain to anyone exactly how much it meant to me to have spoken with her. She was completely on point about everything and I didn't question a thing ! I will recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you again, Beth! ~Ashlee P.
Elizabeth read for me twice by phone: a medium and a psychic reading.
It was a joy coming into contact with my grandmother who came through in spirit as she was in life. Her message for me was specific, future focused and relating to other members of my family as well.
In the psychic reading Beth was able to give me much needed career advice as well as how to help make my careerwish come true. She combines psychic intuition with a broad knowledge of spiritual literature to give personalized advice.
In short, Beth?s readings for me were true, insightful, down to earth, helpful, and heartwarming. ~Marina, The Netherlands
Beth shares her gifts with clients in service of healing and peace.
She utilizes her special abilities of sight and connection to create powerful experiences. ~Karin, MA
Who knew that I was so supported and loved by my uncle as I walked this path?
I knew I loved him and missed him because he?s been gone a long, long time. To find out that he?s appearing to me in every feather I find brought tears to my eyes and connected me back to the unconditional love and support I always felt from him. His messages to me were exactly what I needed to hear to step confidently and playfully into my ?Minddul Mom" work in the world. Thank you Beth for this incredible gift!  ~Laura H., MA
Elizabeth was given a gift and her willingness to share it is a gift in itself.
Through her, I was able to reach out to those that have passed to spirit. There were things told to her that would have otherwise gone unsaid. I'm grateful to Elizabeth because she gave me the greatest gift that any of us could ever ask for when someone we love dies; one more moment.
~Dawna P.
I was not sure what to expect and was completely blown away with my reading from Elizabeth.
She was able to make a connection and uncovered details that only Spirit would know.
I believe that Elizabeth has the gift and would recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with those that have crossed over. Elizabeth is the real deal! ~ Carolyn F.
I was very moved by our reading.
If you remember, we were the first group of women. We connected with my husband and my Mom. It was funny because when you spoke about my husband, one of the first things you said was you saw a sail and was he in the Navy? I had said that he was kicked off a sailboat once but that didn't really make a lot of sense. But after a while, like you said, when I listened to our meeting from the link you sent, I now think I have it!! You had said that he was a "fun guy" and that he was dancing and sweating and having a good time. We used to go listen to blues bands at this club called "SPINNAKERS" and dance the night away. I now think this was what he was trying to convey to me! That was such a special memory because that was a very good time in our lives and I would like to thank you for that. I shared the link with my daughters and they were very moved as well. I had never been to a medium but always wanted to. I really appreciate the time you spent with my sisters and sister in law.
I wish you all the best. ~Brenda P.
"It was so great to have you do readings for friends attending my daughter's special birthday weekend.
I was pleased with the response you gave when a message came through from my uncle who treated me like a daughter while growing up. Your description of him and his demeanor were spot on. It was as if he was sending a message of love and contentment my way. It brought a sense of peace to be thinking that he was now with my aunt who had passed before him. I can only imagine how this experience might help console someone who was grieving the loss of a loved one." Thankyou again Beth. ~ Faye R.
Beth is a very talented medium.
She really helped me find closure in the passing of my best friend. She validated things that there was absolutely no way she could of known unless it was directly from my friends mouth. She referenced things that there was no way she could of known either. For the first time in 2.5 years I felt like I finally had closure. ~ Vanessa L.
Elizabeth truly has a special Gift!
I was able to connect with my dad (&uncle!) & receive the closure i was looking for. She made me & my mom so comfortable, it was such a positive & special experience she is absolutely amazing. ~Michelle L., MA
I had a reading with Elizabeth and it was amazing!
She was easy to work with and is very intuitive. She made contact with my mother in law, it was fabulous! She was able to connect us and getting encouragement from my mother in law was priceless. She gave me a message for my husband, it was gratifying. He has been struggling with her passing for 5 years. It really brought some peace to both my husband and me. My favorite part was her contact with my grandmother. Its been 16 years and she was my compass I loved receiving her love and wisdom. I have listened to the recording many times and have found many new incites. Elizabeth is a friend from the first moment you talk to her. Very warm and graceful. I will be doing this many more times. My thanks to you Elizabeth for helping my daughter get complete with the father of her babies. She is free and at peace.
Thanks for your generosity. ~Laurie G
My reading with Beth was the most uplifting experience of my life!
While I was nervous to start, she made me feel so comfortable. Her connection to the spirits in my life were so correct it seemed as though she had known me my entire life. Beth is so loving in her readings and brings out the spirits personality like they are actually with you at that moment. My reading with Beth gave me so much happiness and closer. I know that my loved ones are here with me and she made that very clear. What an amazing gift she has and what an amazing person she is. I will forever remember my first reading and plan to reach out to her for many more.
Thank you Beth, for giving me my life back! ~Terah
Beth was amazing!! The raw emotion that she channeled from my husband was like nothing I've ever experienced. It was undoubtedly my husband's energy coming through, to the point that she was in tears giving me his message.
I went into the reading so very anxious and she helped to put me at ease before we got started. I love that she provides you with a recording of your reading so that you can go back and listen for comfort and possibly realize things that your loved one's spirit was trying to communicate to you that didn't you didn't pick up on during your reading! She takes her time to make to make sure that the message is accurate and and really works with you and spirit on things they are being stubborn about if you aren't getting it! There was never any question that my husband is still with me in spirit, but getting that validation was so healing and needed in order for me to take the next steps forward in my new life without him in here in the flesh. Thank you Beth for helping me find peace!!!! ~Michelle T.
Elizabeth was so amazing and made me feel comfortable in seconds. 
There is no doubt in my mind about her. She's "stubborn" to get the beautiful messages across. ~Lauren T.

intuitive & soul healing session
I am so grateful for the work that we did together it feels like a door has opened that has been shut for a long time

and it feels like my spirit is vibrating at a different level. You are authentic and perceptive. Thank you creating safe space for me to relax, open and receive - I feel seen, not only seen, but lifted up, which provided the opportunity to open to new insights. The door is open and I feel empowered to step through. Thank you!
~Suzanne R., MA