When you connect and communicate with your soul and Spirit, the new awareness, that our souls are eternal, is born. This shift often brings empowerment, liberation and healing, allowing your light to shine bright again!!! Shine by learning LOVE never dies. Shine by releasing energetic blocks. Shine by learning and healing from the messages of love that can come through. This HEALING process often opens the door to your own spiritual journey, empowering your spirit and wisdom within!
How did I awaken to my soul's expression as a medium? 
 Click on the images below to learn how I followed a pigeon to Italy,
saw a 'lady in light' and awakened my soul!
My purpose as an intuitive healer and medium, is to be the bridge that helps heal, empower and liberate all worlds by serving and healing their needs. This helps awaken and spark the SOUL'S wisdom within!
From a young age, I have had the unique awareness of Spirit, an ability that is shared with my Nana, Angela Gesmundo, and fourth cousin, same lineage, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack (click on her name to view her website). 
My awareness to Spirit enables me to bridge the physical world and that of the spiritual world. Through the use of my clairvoyance, (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), and clairaudience (hearing), I am able to see through the veil and bridge the two worlds. I truly LOVE helping clients connect to loved ones in spirit as well as the voice of their own soul through soul readings, nature, signs and synchronicity.